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UFC 75: Champion vs Champion Awards

Pretty much decided to do with what I did with my Summerslam blog, with this UFC 75 report. It was (more) tiring going into detail and I figured people really didn’t care in the end (of good reasons ^_^). Anyway on with the show!

Best Entrance

Mirko Cro Cop: coming out to “Wild Boys” by Frankie goes to Hollywood: Not saying he is gay, but coming out to that music with a white vest and that Croatian crew cut, the music oddly fitted him. Henderson comes second just for coming out to Rage against the Machine.

“Holy Shit!” Award

Marcus Davis: Surviving the furious ground and pound by Paul Taylor and then getting the submission win.

Best Technician

Dan Henderson and Quinton Jackson: Quinton Jackson was able to neutralise Henderson’s wrestling skills but to Henderson’s credit, he was still was able to give Jackson a hard time with his Greco-roman wrestling, whenever it was standing up or on the mat.

Best Slugger

Houston Alexander: As soon as that bell sounded, This dude was, as Mike Goldberg well said “violent”. He was on full attacking force and eventually managing to make Alessio Sakara eat a knee that was the beginning of the end for him.

Best Heart

Mark Hamill: He may have lost but he gave Bisping (and his fans) a downright scare and besides, he’s he toughest deaf dude I know!

Best Overall Fighter

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson: Despite a shaky first round, he managed to play Dan Henderson at his own game and was just about better at the standing up game. Henderson came a second close but him having loss the match means I give the duke to Jackson.

Most Brutal Fight

Cheick Congo vs Mirko Cro Cop: Brutal in the sense that for the last two rounds, Mirko Cro Cop was getting dismantled by Congo

Most Technical Fight

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs Dan Henderson: Even though there was quite a lot of stand up, both men were also on the ground for quite a while and they displayed some good wrestling defence, if not offence, especially Jackson who manage to get back to his feet when it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to.

Best Fight Overall

Micheal Bisping vs Mark Hamill: Fantastic encounter that saw both men give it their all. Bisping was dominated in the first round but he survived and was the more superior of the two on the second round, thanks to some hit-and-run style boxing. Third round was close as Bisping’s hit-and-run tactics worked for most of the match but he did get taken down by Hamill a few times and was in some tight spots but Bisping did enough to win by split decision. Note to Bisping: Don’t scare us like that!


Quinton Jackson vs Dan Henderson: Very good five round fight that may have not seen a lot of standing trade-offs or frantic wrestling, but you could clearly see both guys determined to win and wrestling with heart and willpower and as a result, having some pretty good back and forth action.

Overall Thoughts:

An awesome event from the UFC. Each match was fun to watch and had something for everyone, from brutal knockouts, amazing comebacks, an upset and nail biting matches. Recommended that you get the DVD when its available.

Rating: A-