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Jim Ross on the possibility of a WWE Legends Wrestling Title

Jim Ross recently revealed his experience and part in the making of the latest Smackdown Vs Raw title, and also let out his feelings of the likeli

"I have long been an advocate of a Legends’ Video Game where the greats of the game, in their prime, could wrestle each other. I think it would be great to see Stone Cold and the Rock face the Horsemen for example. I know the WWE has this concept on the drawing board and I hope it becomes a reality one day. This might be the video game to get me hooked on the genre. However, I can say without question that the most fun I have had working on a video game was the recent Raw vs. Smackdown 08 video game that will be out soon. The storyline elements of this game are extremely unique and creative to my way of thinking. Some of the things I experienced doing voice-overs for the new THQ game really surprised me.".