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PS3 and 360 Smackdown Exclusives Trade Off

The exclusive features of the two next gen iterations of the SD Vs Raw franchise have been unveiled thanks to some snooping by IGN. Currently exciting the wrestling world with an exclusive of thier own in the form of the Countdown; they have uncovered one feature a piece which will be exclusive to each version.

On the PS3 side, THQ have spiced up interaction from the player within wrestler entrances. By pressing R2, the player will be able to utilise the Sixaxis motion control to look first person through the wrestlers eyes. This entitles the player all the frolics of looking around at the crowd, staring down the opponent pacing in the ring and reading the warming fan signs as they trail along to the squared circle.

The 360 side has it’s own exciting little exclusive. I say little but it is the feature that is arguably the most anticipated whenever a new wrestling title is released. Utilising the 360’s hard drive, players will be able to apply their own custom soundtracks, a feature regrettably missed from the last title on the 360. Both created superstars and current superstars on the roster can have their themes changed to your every whim.