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WWE: Update on Ric Flair’s WWE Status

Additional Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There is still no official word on Ric Flair’s situation with World Wrestling Entertainment. Flair is neither back, nor gone. He has avoided talking publicly about the issue, just saying that he hasn’t quit. He is telling his close friends that he is not at liberty to talk about the situation until it is worked out. The only people that are aware of any problems are the top WWE executives, Flair, his wife, and his lawyer. All parties are keeping things quiet until the issues are worked out as if he is staying or going.

Right now Flair is really concentrating on getting his finance company started. He has always said that when he does retire from pro wrestling, that’s it. Unlike his former Four Horsemen colleagues, Flair has said that he will not return to the company as a road agent or executive as when he is finished as an on-air talent he is walking away from the business for good.