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PTW: “Indestructible” Results (21/09/07)

Thanks to Power Trip Wrestling for sending in the following:

Here’s the results from Power Trip Wrestling “Indestructible”, on what was another wild and crazy night at PTW; with a typically rowdy and loud Luton audience.

* The show started with PTW Owner Peter Staniforth coming out, welcoming the fans, giving two (signed by PTW wrestlers) cards out to fans who were celebrating their birthday; and then being interrupted by no less than Keego Ward. Demanding to be in the main event, Keego continually tried to provoke Peter into this; and was failing each time until he bared his now infamous backside to Peter’s fiancee’ Chrissie and two children Andrew and Victoria, who were at the merchandise table. Peter’s infamous hotheaded temper snapped, and he chose to put Keego Ward into the main event purely because “I want to see three guys kick the hell out of you for what you just did”…. Keego then attacked a member of the audience, warning Peter this could happen to him, and Shabazz came out to make the save – but was attacked by Lucian….which then brought Sykes from the back….and all four men went at it outside the ring until Peter exercised his authority and told them that if they didn’t get backstage right that second, he’d cancel the main event.

* PTW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE –  Dan Ryder defeated G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’  to become the NEW PTW Cruiserweight champion. Interference before and after from Ryder’s valet, and also no less than Danny Devine (making his first appearance in PTW); would lead to this title victory.

TAG TEAM ACTION –  Wheeler & D Kid defeated ‘Special Agent’ Nick Bourne & ‘Hotshot’ Tyler Haze.

NUMBER 1 CONTENDERSHIP FOR THE PTW HARDCORE TITLE – Frantastic and American All-Star defeated Leon X. As you would imagine, this lead to confusion who the number one contender would be. Leon X called out Peter Staniforth from the back, and said that he felt in these circumstances all three men should be top contender for the title – and Peter made a four way ‘Last Man Standing In Luton’ match for the PTW Hardcore Title on Saturday 27th October!

* PTW Hardcore Champion Jim Brooks & Andy Simmonz w/PTW Owner Peter Staniforth defeated Gangster & Hubert. This one hit hard, with chants of “PTW! PTW!” from the crowd, and a popular victory for the crowd favourites. After the match, Jim Brooks took Hubert over to Peter’s children, and Peter’s daughter Victoria put Hubert into her feared ‘Woo-Lock’ submission hold (how many nearly five year old girls have one of those?!), and Peter’s son Andrew hit Hubert with a plastic clipboard to the head. Clearly, PTW will be in good hands when it comes to management in the future!

AMERICAN STARS IN ACTION –  Lance Malibu defeated Blackjack Phoenix. Afterwards, Gangster came out and said how England “hates Americans…..and we don’t need you here”. Peter Staniforth came out and suggested Gangster showed his guests a LOT more respect then he was, Gangster threatened Staniforth in the corner, and when Peter said “Before you do anything else…turn around”, Gangster turned round and ate a HUGE clothesline from Blackjack Phoenix!!! The crowd cheered both men, as Peter took the microphone and thanked them sincerely for being there and working for PTW. Once again, we thank both men for wrestling for PTW, they were a pleasure to have, and we wish them all the luck in the world with their careers and hope that they make it big in the WWE!   * Rich N’ Famous & Geraden defeated Seb Drea & Rolling Aikeda. Rich N’ Famous would then turn on his partner for the evening, Geraden. and leave him laying; proving he needs no-one but himself and his regular Players Club colleagues in Power Trip Wrestling.

* In a hard hitting match, and one of the best of the night; Ashe defeated Brian Braddock.

MAIN EVENT – TBW HEAVYWEIGHT AND BRAWL HEAVYWEIGHT TITLES ON THE LINE –  Shabazz retained and kept hold of his titles, by defeating Keego Ward, Sykes, and Lucian; in what was a wild, crazy, with action all around the venue; main event! Peter Staniforth was ringside for the match, and got some measure of revenge with a vicious shot with his steel clipboard to Keego Ward’s head. After the match, Peter announced the PTW Heavyweight Title Tournament for Saturday 27th October, and entered Shabazz into it!

Power Trip Wrestling’s next show is Saturday October 27th, as we present the tournament to crowdn the FIRST EVER PTW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Here’s all the details you’ll need! The card, as ever, is subject to change.

When :
Saturday 27th October 2007.

Where :
Luton Rugby Football Club,
Newlands Road,
LU1 4BQ.

Time :
Doors open 7pm, start 7.30pm.

Tickets :
Adults £8, Children/OAP’s/Students £5, Family of four £20.

You can order/reserve tickets for PTW’s next show on October 27th, right now by calling the PTW Box Office now on 07856 164285; or via email at

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