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WWE: Chris Nowinski done with company?

Chris Nowinski is likely done with WWE. Last week, the company made the decision to remove Nowinski’s name and all of his information from their "SmackDown Your Vote" webpage on He is still under contract to WWE at the moment, but the expectation is that he won’t be used as a public speaker for them anymore, or for that matter, do anything affiliated with WWE ever again.

Nowinski appeared on TSN’s Off The Record show last Wednesday. He said outright that he believes Chris Benoit’s brain damage caused the tragedies that happened in June. Later in the show, they showed a clip of the host, Michael Landsberg, interviewing Edge and John Cena from this past summer and asking them about steroids in wrestling. Edge admitted to using steroids in the past and Cena said wrestling doesn’t have a steroid problem. Landsberg noted that WWE officials were mad at him for asking the two WWE stars about steroids and that they will no longer allow their wrestlers to appear on the show as guests.