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Interview with Tammy Lynn Sytch

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Tammy Sytch appeared on Pro Wrestling Insider on Sports Talk Cleveland with Paul Belfi and Buck Woodward in the second hour. Paul mentioned an appearance at Mulberry’s in Cleveland in October 10th. There is a meet and greet before the show. Tammy talked about WWE. She says that she doesn’t watch WWE and the storylines aren’t interesting for her.

Tammy says that for the past couple of years she’s kind of been staying away from wrestling. She went back to school and did an indy show here and there. She said that her new boyfriend got her back in the gym and she’s lost a ton of weight and looks like the old Sunny. She says that she’s been keeping busy and is booked through May.

Paul asked if she’d be interested in coming back to WWE or go to TNA. Her preference is WWE because she could use the name Sunny. She said that she’s only 34 years old and she thinks she still has a couple of good years left. Paul referenced a picture that was posted on Sports Talk’s message board showing Tammy back in Sunny shape. Tammy says that she’s only 10 pounds away from being the same weight she was when she was Sunny.

Tammy says that because of that she’s getting booked. She’s going to England, Germany, and Scotland before May. She said that she kind of hated the business for a while but she’s loving it again.

Paul mentioned that she was the single most downloaded person in 1996-97 on AOL and received awards from AOL. Paul asked about her thoughts about how they use women in the business these days with little or no wrestling experience. Tammy said that she is not a fan of the diva search concept because she’s not a fan of having too many girls around. Tammy said that back when she was around there were only a 2 or 3 females around and it was a big deal and now there seems to be a girl in every segment so it doesn’t mean anything.

She believes TNA is going in the wrong direction with all the women. She’s also not a fan of women’s wrestling. She said she’d much rather manage. She said the only person that she could watch is Trish Stratus because she came from nowhere and worked so hard and respects the business.

Buck mentioned that he saw her at a convention in Long Island and mentioned that Tammy knows the words to the AWA WrestleRock Rumble song. They played it and she sung to some of it. Funny stuff.

Paul asked if she keeps in touch with people in the business. She still talks to Terri Runnels and Dawn Marie. She is very good friends with Traci Books. She mentioned that she talked to Al Snow yesterday. She talks to Terry Funk and Sabu. Paul wrapped up the interview and plugged the event this Sunday.

Tammy said that she would make an announcement on the show and mentioned the matches. There is a meet and greet around 6pm with Tammy. Show is at 7. Tammy sounded great.