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WWE SmackDown! September 28, 2007 Results

Match Results

  • Victoria defeats Torrie Wilson by pin while holding the ropes.
  • Chuck Palumbo def. Kenny Dykstra by pin following Full Throttle.
  • Non-Title:
    Kane def. MVP by DQ following an intentional low blow by MVP.
  • Jamie Noble def. Shannon Moore by pin following the gutbuster.
  • The Undertaker def. Mark Henry by pin following a chokeslam.

My Thoughts

Match Quality

1) MVP Vs. Kane
2) Undertaker Vs. Mark Henry
3) Chuck Palumbo Vs. Kenny Dykstra
4) Jamie Noble Vs. Shannon Moore
5) Victoria Vs. Torrie Wilson

Before I get into my unobjective review of this week’s SmackDown!, I wanted to note something I found amusing and that is the information bit that was provided for the show via my Dish Network receiver. On it they refer to The Undertaker as "The Dean Man" instead of "The Deadman". What’s a "Dean Man"?

Anyways, this week’s show saw the debut of a new WWE diva by the (stage) name of Krissy Vaine. She was billed as a "mystery woman" by the commentators. She attacked Torrie Wilson after her match with Victoria. Krissy Vaine looked pretty impressive. Possibly one of the few legitimate female wrestlers out there. It looks to be an injury angle for Torrie as I have read that she is set to be out of the country for a few weeks.

Also on SmackDown!, Mr. McMahon named Vickie Guerrero the Acting General Manager of SmackDown. About halfway through the show, there was a bit where Vickie stripped Hornswoggle of the Cruiserweight Title for "his own safety". I’m personally relieved that he is no longer the champion, seeing as he very rarely defended the title. He’s only defended the title twice since he won it on July 22 at the Great American Bash and they was both count-out victories over Jamie Noble. Speaking of which, I think it’s safe to say that Noble will win the vacant Cruiserweight Title. There’s only like three cruiserweights on SmackDown! (excluding Rey Mysterio) and I don’t see Yang or Moore winning it. Chavo Guerrero’s suspension is up on October 1, so he may possibly win it for the seventh time upon his return.

The Unforgiven rematch between Undertaker and Mark Henry was a big disappointment. They had a pretty nice match at Unforgiven, but this rematch couldn’t have lasted any longer than 5 minutes or so. It was just very poor. It was pretty much a glorified squash. The show didn’t have any stand-out matches, but as they always seem to do, MVP and Kane had a good match. Really anytime MVP or Matt Hardy (or both) are in a match, it usually steals the show to some degree.

This week’s SmackDown! confirmed The Great Khali Vs. Rey Mysterio and the in-ring debut of Jesse & Festus next week on Smackdown.

Keep an eye out for my match results and thoughts on RAW, ECW, and SmackDown! shortly after each show airs.

I wanted to send thanks to Kam for giving me this opportunity to report news for Wrestling 101 as well.