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WWE: Snitsky Among Those Suspended?

If you’re wondering where Gene Snitsky has been in the past month, as it turns out, he was one of the suspended wrestlers. He’s since been cleared to return to the ring as his 30-day suspension ran out over the weekend. He should be able to appear at tonight’s Raw/Heat taping in Cleveland.

Though Snitsky’s name didn’t come out publicly on the Signature Pharmacy online list, what triggered the suspension was a recent drug test failure. In a talent meeting held before a SmackDown/ECW taping last month, Stephanie McMahon said that there were two suspensions due to drug screening failures, including Snitsky.

Snitsky was among those brought to Titan Towers that last week in August, so the timeframe for his disappearance from television last month fits. His last appearance in a WWE ring took place on August 27 at a Raw/Heat taping, a few days before the Signature Pharmacy scandal story broke out.