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ECW October 2, 2007 Results

Match Results
  • Non-Title: CM Punk def. Mike Knox by pin following the GTS.
  • Elimination Chase to No Mercy: Finals: Tommy Dreamer def. Elijah Burke by pin following the Dreamer DDT.
  • Elimination Chase to No Mercy: Finals: Big Daddy V def. Tommy Dreamer by pin following the V Elbow to earn an ECW Title Match at No Mercy.


Matches: Best to Worst
1) Elijah Burke Vs. Tommy Dreamer
2) Big Daddy V Vs. Tommy Dreamer
3) CM Punk Vs. Mike Knox
Of all the things to surface out of this week’s ECW, the biggest news is that John Cena’s reign of terror as WWE Champion is over due to his pectoral muscle tear that will leave him out of action for anywhere from 6 monts to a year. One would have to assume that Randy Orton would be one of the contenders for the vacant title. I believe that whoever returns (either Jericho or Michaels) will not only be in that match, but will win the title.
Speaking of the return of Jericho or Michaels, I just wanted to note that WWE cut the video off just as it started to air at the end of the second to last commercial break. Maybe they are hiding it to save the reveal at No Mercy and make a bigger deal out of it. Odds are it was just a technical problem.
In ECW-related news, I had a feeling that Big Daddy V would still have a match at No Mercy, even though I envisioned it being a triple threat.