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WWE: Update on Undertaker & Michelle McCool’s Relationship

– To update on the Undertaker/Sara rumor I posted yesterday, several of you sent word that Michelle McCool is married, which doesn’t really confirm anything. SkaterPrincess56 says she has seen both Michelle and The Undertaker flying back to Texas together twice since the supposed split with girlfriend Sara. Also, Francisco Cartagena sent word that ‘Taker and McCool arrived at the recent SmackDown/ECW house show together.

Furthermore, Arthur Imperial sent the photo below, that he says he took at a jewelry store in Texas. I tried not to get in their way, it was quite shocking catching them in the store. Nice people.

I had to shrink the photo to fit in this post, but in the enlarged version I was originally sent, you can clearly see it is Michelle.

To view the photo, go to: