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WWE: Additional Information on John Cena’s Injury

Former WWE Champion John Cena underwent surgery this week to repair a fully torn pectoral tendon. WWE’s official website has posted a video feature on Cena’s surgery and the long rehabilitation process ahead, which has already started in Birmingham, Alabama.

Sports injury "Surgeon to the Stars" Dr. James Andrews performed Cena’s operation and gave an exclusive update on how the surgery went and what lies ahead for John Cena. Here’s what Dr. Andrews had to say:

– The pectoral tendon was torn when Cena’s arm was pulled behind him during the hiptoss spot with Ken Kennedy. Andrews called it a "devastating injury" and was amazed Cena even finished the match.

– Initial examinations didn’t show how severe the tear was. Once they "opened him up" during surgery, they learned it was a complete pectoral tear where the tendon attaches to the bone.

– Andrews noted that the quick turnaround for the surgery (which took place less than 24 hours after the injury) helped make the procedure an easier once, since the torn tendon hadn’t had a chance to shrivel up after the tear.

– Andrews said that Cena "should have a full recovery."

Statements from WWE and Vince McMahon himself have placed Cena’s return timeline at somewhere between six months to a year, which at best, would be April 2008 – effectively ruling out a match for Cena at Wrestlemania XXIV in Orlando, Florida.