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WWE Spoilers: What Is Wrong With The Power 25 This Week

I recently read over this week’s Power 25 rankings over at and the "Academy" makes mistakes consistently every week. For my amusement/frustration and all of yours, here is what’s wrong with this week’s Power 25:

  • In the paragraph under Deuce N’ Domino’s name at number 23, MVP and Matt Hardy are referred to as the World Tag Team Champions, when they are not, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions. I know people make mistakes, but they do this two other times in the paragraphs associated with MVP and Matt Hardy’s rankings. Not only that, they manage to get right that Cade & Murdoch are the World Tag Team Champions. Wouldn’t it look a little odd to them that two teams from two brands are holding the same championship? I guess not.


  • In Mark Henry’s ranking this week, they state that he drops in the rankings for "being out of action again this week". Now, to me, that implies that he didn’t wrestle on last week’s SmackDown. Which he did; he faced Undertaker.


  • In Jeff Hardy’s ranking, they state that Jeff’s Swanton on Cade on RAW was "the most devastating Swanton Bomb that this academy has ever seen". I know I may be being nitpicky or whatever, but Jeff’s done alot better than that. The Swanton at WrestleMania X-Seven comes to mind.


  • In Undertaker’s ranking, they say that The Undertaker has put the locker room and notice and that he "continues to claw his way up the Power 25". He didn’t even appear this week.


  • In Triple H’s ranking, they say that Triple H "took aim at the Chairman’s grapefruits and got disqualified for the effort". If I remember right, Triple H got disqualified for hitting Special Referee, Carlito.


That’s all for this week’s Power 25. Look for another report on it next week, as I’m sure they’ll continue to make stupid mistakes that seem to make you question if they even bother watching the shows.