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WWE Spoilers: Possible Spoilers for No Mercy

Additional Source: Wrestling Observer

— WWE’s No Mercy pay-per-view is tonight and the big questions surrounding the PPV are who will walk away the next WWE Champion and will Chris Jericho debut? Randy Orton is a strong pick to walk away the Champion, but its really a toss up as to whether or not Jericho will debut at this PPV or Cyber Sunday. The WWE Championship match could turn out to be a multiple wrestler match or some kind of gimmick match.

— With WWE planning to do Batista vs. Khali vs. Undertaker vs. Henry at Cyber Sunday in just three weeks, its hard to say who will go over in the Punjabi Prison match but Batista is likely.

— Unless they are building for a gimmick match at Cyber Sunday, look for Triple H to get the clean win over Umaga.

— The ECW Title match with CM Punk and Big Daddy V is expected to be a short match with Punk retaining the title. A run-in from John Morrison is likely.

— Rey Mysterio is expected to get the clean win over Finlay and Beth Phoenix walking away with the WWE Women’s Championship is highly possible.


Here is the final card for No Mercy:

WWE Championship Match To Decide A New WWE Champion

World Heavyweight Championship: Punjabi Prison Match: Batista (c) Vs. The Great Khali

ECW Championship: CM Punk (c) Vs. Big Daddy V

Triple H Vs. Umaga

Rey Mysterio Vs. Finlay

Women’s Championship: Candice (c) Vs. Beth Phoenix