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WWE: Chris Jericho Addresses Rumors of his WWE Return

It’s already been a very busy month for wrestling news and there’s no question that Chris Jericho’s possible return to WWE is one of the top stories right now. London’s Daily Star newspaper interviewed the former WWE superstar and asked him to address those rumors.

Here’s what Chris Jericho said about returning to WWE:

You never know. I did it before and I can do it again. I’ve been gone for two years and that’s a lifetime in wrestling. I seem to be caught in a controversial buzz at the moment. I’m a little confused as there’s a lot of speculation but as always in these situations I’m the last to know.

These stories seem to swim around every three to four months since I left WWE. It’s good to know fans are bringing my name up – there’s nothing wrong with people talking about Chris Jericho. I always said if I were to go back I would only go if I could make a difference and be better than ever.

I don’t have to come back at all, certainly not financially. I want to have some fun, be different and be better. I walked away on my own terms, so it’s good to see I still have as much leeway two years later.