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WWE: SD! Diva and developmental talent released

 You may remember a couple of weeks ago that a new Diva debuted on Smackdown and took out Torrie Wilson. Reports suggest she’s already done with the company.

Krissy Vaine and another development talent who she’s involved with, Ryan O’Reilly have both asked for their releases citing the grueling schedule and the fact that the two will now have to work apart.

Ryan O’Reilly signed with WWE in August 2005 and nearly made it to the main ECW roster.

It’s odd that both were close to making it and have decided to give up.

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As noted earlier, Krissy Vaine, who recently debuted on Smackdown, is already gone from WWE.

Apparently, Vaine and Ryan O’Reilly (who she is involved in a relationship with) both asked for their respective releases from the company. They asked for their releases because of the travel and distance apart while working the main roster.

After working several years in the Carolina area, Vaine landed a developmental deal with WWE in January 2006. She worked for Deep South Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling while under contract to WWE.

O’Reilly had just been sent on the road in recent weeks for the Raw brand. Although, O’Reilly was on the brink of being called up to ECW. O’Reilly was slated to be part of ECW last year in a tag team with Derek Neikirk. However, just before the team was going to get called up, O’Reilly violated the WWE Wellness Policy and was suspended for 30 days. He then lost his spot on the main roster and continued working in Deep South Wrestling.

A few developmental workers are rolling their eyes at the couple regarding this move. They feel that they worked so hard to get a shot with the company, only to waste WWE’s time and throw it all away just as they were about to make it.

WWE has yet to confirm their releases and likely won’t because they are developmental workers.