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Wii Main Event Mode Detailed (SD Vs Raw 2008)

CVG have recently revealed new details relating to the Wii version of the latest Smackdown Vs Raw titles Main Event Mode.

The mode will enable players to choose their superstar’s brand (which determines what championships you can initially compete in), as well as whether their fighter is clean or dirty in nature (as opposed to physically).

The player utilises the in-game mobile phone to contact WWE to set up matches, recruit Tag Team partners and receive info from their General Manager. At the beginning players will only be able to contact with minor wrestlers, but as your name value grows the player can build up their contacts with bigger stars and get opportunities to fight in high-profile matches, including access to RAW, SmackDown and ECW title shots, as well as PPV Arenas, Divas and Legends.

But making a name for yourself doesn’t rest entirely on winning, but also on your popularity with fans. That’s where the clean/dirty decision comes in. You align yourself with other superstars and act clean or dirty depending on your alignment to earn yourself a fan base.

THQ promises "there’s so much content to unlock that a player will have to complete several playthroughs, taking different paths each time, if they wish unlock everything.