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WWE Spoilers: What Is Wrong With The Power 25 This Week

My hats off to this week, they did okay with the P25 ratings, but there’s a couple of nitpicky points I wanted to acknowledge:

  • In the box for Mark Henry, they said that Henry was still recovering from his loss to Undertaker last week. The problem is that the match was two weeks ago.
  • In the box for Finlay, they stated that The Undertaker "crashed" their #1 Contender’s Match. If I remember right (which I should since it’s only been an hour since the show ended), the match was already over at the point of his appearance.
  • In Rey Mysterio’s box, they say that Undertaker beat both Rey and Finlay down. How would they know? The arena went black when the gong hit.
  • Now this isn’t a typo or mistake or whatever, but it just bothered me. It’s the fact that Randy Orton is only #2 and Batista is #1. Orton won, lost, and regain the WWE Title at No Mercy and was involved in a title match on RAW and was super kicked by a returning Shawn Michaels. Batista retained his title in a horrible Punjabi Prison Match and did commentary. I think Orton had a bigger week to say the least.

That’s all I got, until next week……….