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Big TNA News: Big Confrontation Among TNA Management

Additional Source: PWTorch

As reported the other day there are two factions coming to confrontation backstage at TNA, who are trying to get the "ear" of Dixie Carter. One led by Kurt Angle and the other by Jeff Jarrett, regarding various aspects of TNA and its management.

Tonight at Bound For Glory sparks are set to fly as a group of top wrestlers are planning to confront Dixie Carter about Jeff Jarrett. Wade Keller reports that the contingent that is upset is led by Kurt Angle, but includes Samoa Joe, Team 3D, and Christian Cage.

It is awkward at this time to get the right facts regarding who is on what side, but the main enemies as such are Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett.

Several stars are said to be upset by the booking of the first set of 2 hour Impacts and this anger is aimed at Jarrett and Dutch Mantel with Vince Russo following his orders from the pair, although not exactly on their page.