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ECW October 16, 2007 Results

Match Results

  • 3-on-2 Interpromotional Handicap Match: CM Punk & Kane def. John Morrison, "The Miz", & Big Daddy V by Kane pinning "The Miz" f/ the chokeslam.
  • Interpromotional Tag Match: Jesse & Festus def. Nunzio & Elijah Burke by Jesse pinning Nunzio f/ a flying shoulder block.
  • John Morrison & "The Miz" fight to a No Contest when Big Daddy V interfered.

Match Quality: Best To Worst

  1. CM Punk & Kane Vs. John Morrison, "The Miz", & Big Daddy V
  2. Jesse & Festus Vs. Nunzio & Elijah Burke
  3. John Morrison Vs. "The Miz"


For some reason, will be showing an uninterrupted replay of this week’s edition of ECW at 5/4 Central.