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WWE Spoilers: Updated Cyber Sunday Card

On RAW, Triple H Vs. Umaga in a Fan’s Choice of a Street Fight, First Blood Match, or Steel Cage Match was announced and following RAW, announced Finlay Vs. Rey Mysterio in a No DQ Match, Stretcher Match, or Shillelagh on a Pole Match. also announced that MVP Vs. Matt Hardy will face off in a competition of the fan’s choosing with the choices being: Wrestling Match, Boxing Match, or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Match. Here is the updated card:


WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) Vs. Shawn Michaels/Jeff Hardy/Mr. Kennedy

World Heavyweight Championship: Special Referee- JBL/Mick Foley/Stone Cold Steve Austin: Batista (c) Vs. The Undertaker

ECW Championship: CM Punk (c) Vs. Big Daddy V/"The Miz"/John Morrison

Street Fight/First Blood Match/Steel Cage Match: Triple H Vs. Umaga

No DQ/Stretcher Match/Shillelagh on a Pole Match: Finlay Vs. Rey Mysterio

Wrestling Match/Boxing Match/MMA Match: MVP Vs. Matt Hardy