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WWE: Update on ECW Possibly Losing TV Exposure

As a result of WWE formally announcing on ECW last night that they will be providing a commercial-free edition of the show every week on, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that this move has led to a "flurry of speculation" within WWE over the future of ECW. With this commercial-free Internet version of ECW hitting the web along with the company making the move to merge talent between both ECW and Smackdown, it confirms that WWE is feeling pressure to get the ratings up for the show as Sci Fi hasn’t committed to renewing the current contract with the company that expires at the end of the year. Moving the show to has caused many talent to get the impression that if they do end up losing TV on Sci Fi with the brand, there will at least be an alternative to see the show. These moves have caused many talent currently on the overseas tour to feel as if the brand has no real future anymore.