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WWE: Update on WWE’s Trouble with the USA Network


– Vince McMahon is going through with the whole SmackDown/ECW merger in hopes of The Sci-Fi Network renewing their contract or atleast extending it. Unless things change for the better, the show will not be renewed at all or it will be renewed but under very favorable terms for the Sci-Fi/Universal side. Bonnie Hammer is in charge of Sci-Fi and USA. The future of ECW will be a good indication as to where Hammer sees the WWE/USA Network relationship. As previously posted, Hammer has sent requests to WWE for them to improve the product.

WWE won’t be going out of business of course, but this could be just another major bump in the road for WWE and Vince McMahon. With all the bad TV news, WWE probably won’t have much leverage when it comes time to negotiate a new deal with the USA Network which could mean them re-signing to much lower money than they received when they signed in 2005, which could have a negative impact overall.