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WWE Spoilers: What Is Wrong With The Power 25 This Week

Before I get into my rant on this week’s Power 25, I would just like to say that you would think would not only fix these things (which they don’t), but seeing as they actually are a part of the company, would know what is going on (for the record, I believe that "The Academy" is a made up group). When I first started into this week’s P25, I didn’t think I was going to notice anything wrong with it, but I should’ve known better.


  • Firstly, let’s take a visit to one of the sidebars next to the listings. It states that Elijah Burke fell off the rankings for "being out of action this week". I guess I just imagined the tag match he had where he teamed with Nunzio to face Jesse & Festus.
  • In the "What You’re Saying" box, a "fan" questions why Shawn Michaels is not on the P25. The reply is that he may get on the rankings if he gets in the ring. Didn’t he face Randy Orton in RAW’s main event? In Orton’s box, they say that Orton had three matches on RAW, you think they would’ve put those two things together.
  • On to the problems on the list itself. Now this one, I can see it being overlooked, but seeing that it was an exclusive on the very same site, you think they would notice. They say that Carlito dropped on the list because he wasn’t in action. Well, he was in a match with Harry Smith in a dark match that picked up as an exclusive.
  • Now, there is a couple of bits of some nonsense in a couple of the listings. I will post them word-for-word and let you be the judge of how stupid and senseless they are. Starting with the box for Beth Phoenix: "On this week’s Power 25, the Glamazon managed to stay on top of her rival Candice Michelle, just on top, right on top, so on top that the beauties are practically hugging and kissing… Oh, um, sorry ’bout that." and for The Great Khali: "The tower of babble is slowly losing his Vise Grip on the Power 25, slipping another three spots this week. "Yabba rooka… naggo bah!" ("Somebody… hold me!")."
  • On The Undertaker’s ranking, apart from using the phrase: "World Championship Title", the P25 mentions the match that occured two weeks ago when Undertaker & Kane faced MVP and Matt Hardy. Did they sleep through a week or are they getting Alzheimer’s or what? ‘Taker faced Noble this week, by the way.
  • On a small note, they referred to Matt Hardy as one half of the World Tag Team Champions again.
  • Like The Undertaker ranking, the P25 had a touch of something and decided to not only skip this week’s SmackDown!, but also skip last week’s as well. They say that Batista yielded the number one spot to Randy Orton despite narrowly winning the Punjabi Prison Match at No Mercy.


Until next week……………..