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KSW: Details For "GrandSlam" Show On October 27th

Thanks to K-Star Wrestling for sending the following in:

Welcome to the latest update of KSW news.

It’s time for the biggest show KSW has done for a while.

KSW GrandSlam will be exploding at West Bromwich Town Hall on 27th October 2007 and tickets are already selling fast!

Doors are marked as opening at 6.30, but due to the demand for tickets, if the set up is completed before then, then we shall open earlier.

The show will start at 7pm.

Tickets NOW cost £7 for adults, £5 children and £20 for a party of four.

KSW Tag title Handicap match: The Hunter Brothers (c) vs Rob Long (Hot Chocolate)

In the midst of winning the KSW Tag titles, the Hunter Brothers used a chair to cripple Rob Long’s partner. Demanding revenge Rob challenged the Hunters for the belts, but it appears that the damage was done.

Now the challenge has been sanctioned Rob is now forced to face the Hunters for the titles alone.

Rigour Mortis vs Kid Flash

Tyler Rayne’s demon seems to be firmly under his control, apart from the strange empathy the creature has with masked hero Kid Flash. Tyler has vowed to make sure that Rigour Mortis sees out the match with the attitude the King of KSW demands of his Neo-Prophecy members.

Best of 3 falls: Staxx vs Tommy Gunn

This one is very personal, Staxx has beaten Tommy black and blue and has been rumoured to being a major factor in Gunn being on medical leave for 3 months. Staxx cheated in their last match to gain the win but Gunn felt he could beat Staxx in a fair fight, not only once, but twice in a best of 3 falls match.

Will Tommy Gunn finally get one up on Staxx?

No DQ: Carl Mizzery vs Cupid Valentino

Cupid Valentino is going ballistic, everywhere he turns Carl Mizzery is there. Mizzery mocks Cupid with talk of never being defeated by Cupid, but to be fair, Cupid has never won a fair fight. Knowing Mizzery fights dirty, Valentino has decided to play Mizzery at his own game and bringing the dirty fight to the former KSW Champion.

KSW British Championship: Stuart Neale vs Tyler Rayne vs Franco vs Brandon Thomas (c)

Brandon Thomas is tired of all the in fighting over the right to challenge him for the KSW British Championship and has taken all comers. The self proclaimed “best wrestler in KSW” Stuart Neale has not yet been defeated and this, he feels earns a right to the KSW belt. Tyler Rayne defeated Brandon Thomas to become the King of KSW but his last challenge was interrupted by Stuart Neale. Franco got involved to save Brandon from Neale and Rayne but Brandon challenged him anyway.

With four seasoned wrestlers in the ring at one time, anything could happen!

Tickets are on sale for this events now at

Tickets can be held at the door instead of posting to avoid postal strike delays.

Check out for more show information.

DVDs at KSWshop

KSW DVDs are available to buy at at the price of £7 (plus P+P).

Each double disc DVD contains footage not seen at the live shows, extras and interviews, as well as full commentary.

KSW have also built up an extensive catalogue of shows since the the new product was launched and these are also available at

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