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ECW: Update on Sci-Fi contract situation

On top of what has already been reported, one reason why the Sci-Fi Network aren’t high on WWE at the moment is that fact that Sci-Fi pay WWE a nice chunk to deliver the show. At the start when ECW was drawing solid mid 2 ratings, this was acceptable but now they are down to regular 1.2 ratings. This is still high for the Sci-Fi Network but doesn’t warrant the amount paid to WWE.

Several higher ups in Sci-Fi have never liked the idea of a wrestling show in a Science Fiction niche and are looking to jump on the chance to give it the boot, now that they have evidence of lower ratings to back them up. ECW was only put on the channel because the USA Network didn’t think another hour of wrestling would be fair on their high paying advertisers, as wrestling still has the stigma of drawing low income fans.

ECW’s contract is up at the end of the year.