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WWE: Stephanie McMahon Furious at Writing Staff

Additional Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Stephanie McMahon blew up before the No Mercy pay-per-view a few weeks ago regarding Chris Jericho being revealed as the SAVEUS campaign. She was really interested in keeping the return a surprise, thus was very upset it leaked. Her reaction was to run all the company cell phone records of the writing team as well as do a forensic check of their computers and e-mails.

This is not the first time this has happened, as events have lead to this in the past, but they did not find a guilty party. Some writers were using their company cell phones to make excessive private calls and they go reamed for it. Several of the writers were said to be upset because they have been under added stress recently with having to completely re-write the No Mercy pay-per-view one week before the show due to John Cena being injured. They felt it was not fair they were getting blamed for the information being leaked.

Stephanie is now talking about revising contracts that would disallow creative team members to speak out publicly and to specifically state that they don’t have any ownership to their ideas. She also wants their contracts to ban them from being able to talk publicly after they are no longer with the company, about their experience with the company, or talk about the impressions of talent or anyone they met in the company. This would keep someone from going to TNA and sharing their WWE ideas.