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WWE: Details on Chris Masters’ Injury; Undertaker Responsible?

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During the European Tour there was reportedly an incident in the Undertaker & Kane vs. Finlay & Chris Masters match that may have resulted in Chris Masters’ getting a broken nose.

During the match The Deadman was working over The Masterpiece’s arm and got pissed off when he wouldn’t sell the arm after tagging out. After numerous attempts to get Masters to sell that his arm was hurting he got the idea, but seemingly forgot again later in the match ticking Taker off some more.

When The Undertaker and Chris Masters tagged in to face each other at the end of the match Taker was said to be working stiff on him, eventually bloodying Master’s nose.

When the match had finished it was clear that Masters had ended up injuring his arm legitimately, dislocating his elbow as previously reported.

His injury is not thought to be from a legitimate attack from The Undertaker and the incidents that took place in the match, although may seem shocking are quite common place between the ring veteran Taker and the relatively newcomer Masters. It’s all part of being a ring general to make greener talent sell their "injuries."