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WWE: Errors That WWE Affiliates Should Know More About

Yes, it is a slow evening for wrestling news. I figured this would be a nice little bit to throw on the site every now and then. I was cruising the Sci-Fi Network website because I heard that ECW was going to be postponed on December 4 and I noticed some errors on the ECW sub-site:

  • They still list John Morrison as Johnny Nitro, but they have Morrison’s picture.
  • They have Boogeyman as two words.
  • They have The Boogeyman in the front with the biggest picture, making it look like he is the star (CM Punk and John Morrison are on his left and right).
  • They still refer to the wrestlers as "Extremists", even though WWE quit doing that some time ago.
  • They still have Marcus Cor Von listed as a wrestler on the show and they misspelled Mike Knox (spelling it Knoxx).
  • They have CM Punk’s finisher/signature maneuver as the guillotine choke/keylock combo (Anaconda Vice), even though he has been using the GTS for months.
  • This isn’t an error, but I found it amusing, on Layla’s profile they say that she made her debut as a Diva at SummerSlam 2006 and "she was initiated by the other Divas with a playful, wet spankfest in the locker-room showers." I find it amusing that they called it a "spankfest".
  • You can’t click Mike Knox’s name to get to his profile (dead link), but if you type in his name correctly in the address bar (Mike Knox instead of Mike Knoxx), it will take you there.
  • They still have Ariel listed as Kevin Thorn’s associate.
  • They still have Kelly Kelly listed as Mike Knox’s associate and vice versa.
  • They still have Elijah Burke listed as the "Leader of the New Breed".
  • They list Melina as John Morrison’s associate, even though they’ve never been on the ECW brand together. They also have his finisher as "The Snapshot", which I don’t think he has used since he was still on SmackDown! as part of MNM.
  • In one of the most amusing errors, pretty much all of their ECW photo gallery features stars who aren’t even with the company anymore. For example, they have Kurt Angle with a leg scissors on Sabu, Sandman making his entrance, Sabu flying into Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam standing over Sabu, The Big Show holding the ECW Title, two different pictures of Ariel, Kurt Angle with the Ankle Lock on Sabu, Rob Van Dam standing over Kurt Angle, Sandman hitting Test with a Singapore Cane, Paul Heyman and his security force, and Test & Mike Knox beating down Sandman. Now, I can understand documenting the history of the brand because I imagine WWE had pictures like these up also, but they don’t have any pictures from ECW from the year 2007. I don’t think they even got past August of 2006 in the gallery.

All-in-all the only thing that has remained up to date are the message boards.