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WWE: Several Interesting Notes on the Cryptic Messages

Several readers have sent word that the and sites forward to’s Cyber Sunday website. After a little research, both domains are registered to a Joseph Perkins from Entertainment Services based out of Stamford, Connecticut. WWE’s corporate website lists a Joseph Perkins as a Director. Here’s the blurb from their website: Joseph Perkins has been a Director of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. since 1999. Mr. Perkins was a pioneer in the television syndication of wrestling matches starting more than forty years ago. He is President of Communications Consultants, Inc. Before the pages forwarded to WWE’s Cyber Sunday page, there was a cryptic login. After decoding the binary code, it was revealed to be a username of "SAVOUR_SELF" and a password of "SUNDAYCOMING." There was also a clock which counted down to 10:30pm on Sunday night. The page also contained links to the Save_Us videos through Jericho’s WWE Alumni page. Hidden in the page were the phrases "The few who have found his name shall spread the good word" and "The day of reckoning is at hand." Also in the source of the page were the phrases "IS_IMMINENT_X29" as well as "ATTITUDE_IS_IMMINENT." Take it for what its worth, just like the rest of the Save_Us rumors that have been going around the past month or so. This seems like it may have some significance since the domains are registered to the same name of a WWE employee in Stamford. Again, take it for what its worth.