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WWE RAW October 29, 2007 Results

Match Results

  • Diva Halloween Costume Battle Royal: Kelly Kelly def. Layla (eliminated by Jillian), Brooke (eliminated by Victoria), Jillian (eliminated by Michelle McCool), Maria (eliminated by Torrie Wilson), Michelle McCool (eliminated by Melina), Mickie James (eliminated by Melina), Melina (eliminated by Mickie James), Victoria (eliminated by Torrie Wilson & Kelly Kelly), & Torrie Wilson (eliminated by Kelly) in that order to win the battle royal.
  • Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly def. The World’s Greatest Tag Team by Cody Rhodes pinning Charlie Haas f/ a DDT.
  • Special Guest Referee- Mick Foley: Hornswoggle def. Jonathan Coachman by pin f/ the Tadpole Splash.
  • Lance Cade def. Paul London by pin f/ a modified sit down powerbomb.
  • Jeff Hardy & D.H. Smith (Davey Hart Smith) def. Carlito & Mr. Kennedy by Jeff Hardy pinning Carlito f/ the Swanton Bomb.
  • Handicap Match: Non-Title: Randy Orton & Umaga def. Triple H by DQ when Shawn Michaels interferes on Triple H’s behalf.

Match Quality

  1. Jeff Hardy & D.H. Smith Vs. Carlito & Mr. Kennedy
  2. Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly Vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team
  3. Lance Cade Vs. Paul London
  4. Triple H Vs. Randy Orton & Umaga
  5. Hornswoggle Vs. Jonathan Coachman
  6. Diva Halloween Costume Battle Royal