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Lex Luger Issues Statement on His Condition

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A Statement From Lex Luger To His Fans Around The World

"First, I want everyone to know that I truly appreciate all of the prayers & support. People ask me at the hospital, How are your spirits so good? I tell them because I have Jesus Christ in my life. The doctors are absolutely puzzled on how this happened, and if it is going to be permanent. They did see inflamation in the x-ray around a disk near the spinal cord."

"I want everyone to continue to pray that God’s will be carried out through this time. If God’s plan for me is to be a paraplegic, then I am seriously happy with that. God is in control, and since he is the creator, and I am the creature, then why should I question His decisions?"

"Finally, I want you all to know that life is fragile, and we need not to take it for granted. Life is a Gift from God, and we must live everyday for him dude. Think about this for a minute, if you drive a Ford (or any car) and you put water in the gas tank, what’s going to happen? You will ruin the car. When Ford designed that car, they designed it to work properly only if you put gas in the engine. It’s the same with life! God made us & designed us, so if we don’t fill ourselves with Christ, then our lives are not going to go the way they were designed to. That’s why their is so many problems in our world. We are not filling ourselves with the one thing that makes us operate the way we designed to. Well, that’s enough preaching. Thank you so much for the prayers & the continued support."

"If you have any questions or you would like help support in anyway, please call my manager, Graham "Tony" Tchividjian, at (877) Lex-Luger or (954) 675-0552. Graham happens to be the Rev. Billy Graham’s grandson, and he has an agency in Pompano Beach, FL called GT Agency, LLC (official website: He loves the Lord, and his main priority is finding ways to win people to Christ, not money."

"I am going to tell everyone that they need to read Proverbs 3,4 & 6. That is why I am in such great spirits. Love you all."