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WWE: AP Picks Up on the Two WWE Suspensions

The Associated Press picked up the story on the suspensions of WWE stars Harry "D.H." Smith and Chris Masters this evening, running the following article over the national wires. This means the article will be all over the place shortly. (CNN, ESPN, SI, Yahoo, etc etc etc ).

WWE suspends 2 wrestlers for violations of drug policy

November 2, 2007

STAMFORD, CT. — World Wrestling Entertainment said Friday it has suspended two wrestlers for violating its drug policy.

The company identified the performers as Chris Mordetsky and Harry Smith. It’s the second suspension for Mordetsky, who wrestles under the name Chris Masters. He’s been suspended for 60 days. Smith, who wrestles as D.H. Smith, was flagged with his first violation and will be sidelined 30 days, said WWE spokesman Gary Davis.

Under the WWE substance abuse and drug testing policy begun last year, which requires tests for steroids and other drugs, a wrestler faces a 30-day suspension without pay for a first violation, a 60-day suspension for a second violation and firing for a third violation. Performers are tested at least four times per year.

The Stamford-based company would not identify the drugs for which either man tested positive. The WWE suspended 10 wrestlers in August for drug violations but did not identify them. As part of its new policy that began Thursday, the company now identifies the performers. Davis would not comment on whether Mordetsky one of the 10 suspended this summer.

"WWE is very serious about eradicating the use of steroids and the abuse of prescription drugs," Davis said. "And we hope by making the names of our performers public it that will be a further deterrent to the other performers."

The WWE said the August’s suspensions were based on independent information from the Albany County New York District Attorney’s Office, which has been investigating illegal sales of steroids and growth hormones.