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WWE: Additonal Details on the Suspensions of Chris Masters & DH Smith

The suspensions of DH Smith and Chris Masters have been picked up by all major media outlets. WWE announced the suspensions on their Corporate website, and issued a press release. It looks like WWE is serious this time around when it comes to these Wellness violations. Masters was suspended for 60 days and Smith for 30.

In a 2003 interview with SLAM! Wrestling, Harry Smith stated he had no plans on taking steroids. "I’ve never taken steroids, I don’t plan to. I loved my Dad, and yes he made mistakes, but I have learned from them. I won’t go down that path." Obviously, things change.

There’s been some question as to whether this is Chris Masters’ third suspension due to Wellness violations, which would result in termination from the company. Masters was sent to rehab in 2006 after WWE intervened on his painkiller addiction. During this time, he never failed a Wellness test so he was never suspended. His first official suspension with the company came earlier this year in the middle of the Signature Pharmacy scandal. Masters was suspended for 30 days then. This marks his second suspension due to Wellness violations, so he’s out for 60 days. Masters won’t be able to return to action until the first SmackDown show of 2008.