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ECW November 6, 2007 Results

Match Results

  • Kane (SmackDown!) def. Mark Henry (SmackDown!) by DQ when Mark Henry brings a steel chair in the ring.
  • Jamie Noble (SmackDown!) def. Nunzio (ECW) by pin f/ the Noble Gutbuster.
  • Layla def. Kelly Kelly by pin f/ a scoop slam.
  • Elijah Burke (ECW) def. Shannon Moore (SmackDown!) by pin f/ the Elijah Express.
  • ECW Championship: CM Punk (c) (w/ "The Miz") def. John Morrison by roll-up to retain.

Match Quality

  1. ECW Title: CM Punk (c) Vs. John Morrison
  2. Nunzio Vs. Jamie Noble
  3. Elijah Burke Vs. Shannon Moore
  4. Kane Vs. Mark Henry
  5. Layla Vs. Kelly Kelly