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WWE: Brooke Released Due to Argument with Melina?

As noted before, Brooke Adams of Extreme Exposé was dropped by the company last week. She had a ton of heat with a number of girls and an incident involving her and Melina may have played in her departure from the company.

Brooke’s last appearance in the company was on Raw last week for the Divas Halloween battle royal. Backstage, Melina had a confrontation with Brooke about the furry black boots she wore as a part of her costume. It was a "gimmick infringement" argument, seeing how Melina frequently dons furry boots for her wrestling appearances. McMahon was actually upset that Brooke was ignorant about the furry boots issue and "not protective of Melina’s gimmick." There is also a belief that Melina went to Vince and complained, and he made the call to axe Brooke.

John Laurinaitis was one of Brooke’s biggest supporters and he fought hard for her to retain her employment. He was overruled. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the 2007 Diva Search winner Eve Torres end up in her role. Brooke was initially hired by WWE to be one of the Funkette dancers when Flash Funk aka Too Cold Scorpio re-debuted. Laurinaitis paid for Adams to take dance lessons and develop a routine. Of course, Funk never re-debuted in WWE and thus there weren’t any Funkettes. However, Adams’ dance lessons didn’t go to waste as she ended up on television in the dance troupe Extreme Exposé shortly thereafter. Though before that, Laurinaitis was always pushing hard for her to debut on all three of the brands, which became a running joke because she had almost no experience in the wrestling business at the time.