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WWE Spoiler: Championship Match Added to Survivor Series announced that based on the post-ECW brawl that took place on Tuesday, that CM Punk will defend the ECW Title in a Triple Threat Match against "The Miz" & John Morrison at Survivor Series on November 18 in Miami. Also, ECW showed a video that adds a couple big stipulations to the WWE Title Match between Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels. Those being that Sweet Chin Music is banned in the match and Shawn Michaels will be disqualified if he uses the maneuver and he will also never receive another WWE Title shot as long as Orton is champion. However, the other stipulation is that if Orton tries to get disqualified or if it even appears he will attempt to, the match will stop and Shawn Michaels will be awarded the match and the WWE Title. With that said, here is the updated card for Survivor Series:

  • WWE Championship: Sweet Chin Music Banned: Title Changes Hands on a DQ: Randy Orton (c) Vs. Shawn Michaels
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Hell in a Cell: Batista (c) Vs. The Undertaker
  • ECW Championship: Triple Threat: CM Punk (c) Vs. "The Miz" Vs. John Morrison
  • Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, & Kane Vs. Umaga, Finlay, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, & Big Daddy V
  • Hornswoggle Vs. The Great Khali