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WWE: Update on Brooke’s Release

Additional Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Internally, no one was surprised by the release of Extreme Exposé member Brooke Adams. It wasn’t one thing, but a culmination of things that resulted in her release from the company.

From day one she was considered to a problem in the company. She practically made it a habit to draw attention to herself. She rubbed a number of people backstage the wrong way and had people rolling their eyes at her behavior. What with the turnover rate of women in WWE, especially this time of year with all the Diva Search girls looming about, her release wasn’t too surprising.

Without the top notch attitude, the star power, or the in-ring skills, WWE had no real need for Adams. She was an expendable talent, and with her bad attitude, WWE just thought it was time for her to go. It got to the point where her negatives outweighed the positives and they felt it was better to release her.