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WWE: Bret Hart Grants an Interview

On the heels of the tenth anniversary of Bret "The Hitman" Hart’s last appearance in a WWE ring (which is on Friday), WWE’s official website conducted an interview with "The Hit Man" himself. The interview touches on the infamous ‘Montreal Screwjob’ incident. Here are some things Hart had to say regarding the incident:

Wishing that the incident never happened: "I wish things had never changed and that I was still [in WWE],” stated a very frank Hit Man. “I look back on that incident as a bad decision by Vince McMahon and WWE. I think we all can look back and know that there was a better way to do things." He continued, "It’s a shame that things happened the way they did, but in the end, I think people have always respected me for being someone who always stood behind his beliefs, and stood up for himself."

Not forgiving people that played a part in the ‘Montreal Screwjob’: "There were a lot of elements that worked during that period; a lot of political jealousies and rivalries," the five-time WWE Champion claimed. "I don’t forgive anybody involved in that

  • from Gerald Brisco to Michaels to Triple H to Vince. But at the same time, I realize that life’s too short to carry around hard feelings on an everyday basis."

On McMahon having no other choice but to do what he did: "I take issue with anyone who ever suggests that there was no other choice,” Hart asserted. “But, Vince was under a fair bit of pressure financially back then. I can feel for him a little. I think [McMahon] has told me himself

  • and I believe him that he wishes things had been done differently and has regrets about it. It should’ve never happened, but it did happen… and I have moved on."

Fans believing in him more than Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior: "The fans really believed in me, more so than the Hogans and the Warriors," a candid Hit Man told "I think I was the most basic wrestler; I wasn’t the big guy, the most flamboyant and certainly not the most charismatic; but I was the most real. My wrestling was real, my personality was real and my interaction with the fans was real."

You can read the complete article on will have the second part of their interview with Hart tomorrow as he will give his thoughts on Batista, John Cena and more.