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WWE: Update on Chris Masters’ Release

As noted earlier, Chris Masters was let go by WWE today. Regarding his suspension last week, a person in the known within WWE is absolutely certain that it wasn’t his second strike; more like his fourth. He has definitely been suspended on two occasions. He was also sent to rehab in the summer of 2006 due to a problem with painkillers. The belief at the time was that he had been suspended, but that wasn’t the case because he only had to serve a 30-day suspension when the Signature Pharmacy news hit as that was his first recorded offence. Also, Masters will have to come up with a new ring name now that he’s no longer employed by WWE; the ‘Chris Masters’ name is not his real name as it is trademarked by WWE.

Note by Cassidy from Wrestling101: Chris Masters real name is Chris Mordetzky (originally thought to be spelled Mordetsky, but when news of his suspension was on, they used the "z" spelling).