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Joanie Laurer Legally Changes Her Name to Chyna

Former WWE Diva Joanie Marie Laurer has legally changed her name to Chyna. No last name .. just "Chyna". TMZ was there yesterday as Chyna exited the courthouse in Burbank, California. After all the paperwork was filed, Chyna spoke to TMZ cameras and said that after an 8 year struggle, she finally has her identity back. She said this victory is for all of the lives Vince McMahon has tried to ruin. She said Vince McMahon took the name from her out of spite and he’s an egomaniac and a jerk. She then challenged her former boss Vince McMahon to a fight! Here’s what Chyna said: "Do I want to go back to get abused by you and get punched in the head every day and have people not stand up for me besides the fans? No. Would I like to go back for one day representing myself and all these people to kick your ass and your ass only? Cause you are the boss, right Vince? Then I would love to do it. You know my number. You know where I live, obviously. And you know my name. Bring it, Vince!"