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WWE: Bret Hart’s Thoughts on Cena, Batista, & Mysterio is currently running a “What If?” style article asking WWE personalities how the history of the company would have changed if it was Shawn Michaels who was screwed at the 1997 Survivor Series in Montreal. Triple H said, "That never would’ve happened. We’re not that stupid."

Triple H’s comments may have been a response to Hart’s autobiography which closes with the following paragraph: "When I got into the business, wrestling was all about trust and respect and doing the honours meant something. I’ll never forgive Shawn or Hunter, for killing the business that so many of us gave our lives for. Although pro wrestling will never truly die, but always morph into something else, the business that I knew and loved and gave all I had to is dead and gone forever. I escaped with my head up and my conscience clear."

Also on is the second part of their interview with Bret Hart. Hart mentions his autobiography and says, "“I have a lot of respect for Batista and John Cena; they have a lot of charisma and I like the emotion they bring. Also, I always thought Rey Mysterio was underrated and never got the credit that he deserves. [Rey’s] not only just a great wrestler, but he may be one of the greatest of all time.”