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WWE SmackDown! November 9, 2007 Results

Match Results

  • 5-Team #1 Contender’s Tag Team Battle Royal*: The Major Brothers def. Jesse & Festus (by Festus getting eliminated by all of the other participants, except Jesse), Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang (by Dave Taylor eliminating Jimmy Wang Yang), Dave Taylor & Drew McIntyre (by Brett Major eliminating Dave Taylor), and Deuce N’ Domino (by Brett Major eliminating both Deuce & Domino) to earn a WWE Tag Team Title Match against the champions, MVP & Matt Hardy, later in the same night.
  • Victoria (w/ Kenny Dykstra) def. Michelle McCool (w/ Chuck Palumbo) by pin f/ a DDT.
  • Finlay def. Rey Mysterio by pin f/ the Celtic Cross.
  • Non-Title: CM Punk def. Jamie Noble by DQ when "The Miz" (and later John Morrison) attacks CM Punk.
  • WWE Tag Team Championship: MVP & Matt Hardy (c) def. The Major Brothers by MVP pinning Brett Major f/ the Playmaker to retain.
  • No Holds Barred**: The Undertaker def. The Great Khali by submission to the Triangle Choke.

Match Quality

  1. Finlay Vs. Rey Mysterio
  2. The Undertaker Vs. The Great Khali
  3. WWE Tag Team Title Match
  4. Tag Team Battle Royal
  5. CM Punk Vs. Jamie Noble
  6. Victoria Vs. Michelle McCool

*To be eliminated, you must be thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. When one member of a team is eliminated, both members of the team are eliminated.

**No Disqualification and No Count-Out. Only way to win is by pin or submission. Must end in the ring.