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WWE Spoiler: Current Survivor Series Card

As I mentioned in my RAW Results post, added an Interpromotional 10-Diva Tag Match (one fall to a finish) to the Survivor Series card. With that said, here is the current card:

  • Edge’s Return to the WWE
  • WWE Championship: Sweet Chin Music Banned: Title Changes Hands on a DQ: Randy Orton (c) Vs. Shawn Michaels
  • World Heayweight Championship: Hell in a Cell: Batista (c) Vs. The Undertaker
  • ECW Championship: Triple Threat: CM Punk (c) Vs. "The Miz" Vs. John Morrison
  • Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Triple H (RAW), Rey Mysterio (SmackDown!), The Hardys (Matt from SmackDown! and Jeff from RAW), & Kane (SmackDown!) Vs. Umaga (RAW), Finlay (SmackDown!), MVP (SmackDown!), Mr. Kennedy (RAW), & Big Daddy V (ECW)
  • Hornswoggle (RAW) Vs. The Great Khali (SmackDown!)
  • Interpromotional 10-Diva Tag Match: Beth Phoenix (RAW), Layla (ECW), Melina (RAW), Victoria (SmackDown!), & Jillian (RAW) Vs. Mickie James (RAW), Kelly Kelly (ECW), Torrie Wilson (SmackDown!), Maria (RAW), & Michelle McCool (SmackDown!)

Survivor Series will be live, this Sunday, November 18 from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL (MVP’s Hometown).