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WWE: Layla’s Future with the Company in Question

What with the departure of Brooke Adams, the Extreme Expose act appears to be through. Unless of course Adams is replaced by 2007 Diva Search winner Eve Torres, who has a dance background similar to Layla because she was a member of the Los Angeles Clippers dance team. If the group doesn’t stay active, the belief is that Layla will likely be put on the chopping block. Layla & Kelly accompanied The Miz to matches at house shows last weekend, but on Tuesday’s ECW show, it appeared they were broken up because they wrestled each other.

Although, the company word on Layla right now is that if Extreme Expose is broken up, Layla will be repackaged and given a new role in the company. But the problem is that many talents who are put on the repackaging list are usually never heard from again as they get released soon after. Vito’s a good example of that. It’s doubtful that repackaging Layla will be that big of a priority for the company.

Furthermore, Layla doesn’t have a wrestling spot to fall back on in case the dance team got dropped because she was never given time on the road to practice her in-ring skills at house shows.