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WWE SmackDown! November 16, 2007 Results

Match Results

  • Non-Title: Jeff Hardy (RAW) def. Finlay (SmackDown!) by DQ when Finlay attempted to use the shillelagh.
  • Beth Phoenix (RAW) & Victoria (SmackDown!) def. Mickie James (RAW) & Torrie Wilson (SmackDown!) by Beth Phoenix pinning Torrie Wilson following a double underhook faceplant.
  • WWE Tag Team Championship: "The Miz" & John Morrison (ECW) def. MVP & Matt Hardy (c) (SmackDown!) by "The Miz" pinning Matt Hardy following a chop block by John Morrison to win the WWE Tag Team Titles.
  • WWE Tag Team Championship: "The Miz" & John Morrison (c) (ECW) def. MVP & Matt Hardy (SmackDown!) by submission when Matt Hardy tapped out to John Morrison’s leg scissors; "The Miz" & John Morrison retain.
  • Rey Mysterio (SmackDown!) def. Mr. Kennedy (RAW) by pin following a hurrincarana.
  • Non-Title: No DQ: Batista def. Mark Henry by pin following a shot with the World Title belt.

Match Quality

  1. WWE Tag Team Title Match: MVP & Matt Hardy (c) Vs. "The Miz" & John Morrison
  2. Rey Mysterio Vs. Mr. Kennedy
  3. WWE Tag Team Title Rematch: "The Miz" & John Morrison (c) Vs. MVP & Matt Hardy
  4. Finlay Vs. Jeff Hardy
  5. Beth Phoenix & Victoria Vs. Mickie James & Torrie Wilson
  6. Batista Vs. Mark Henry


"The Miz" & John Morrison winning the WWE Tag Titles marks John Morrison’s fourth time as WWE Tag Champion (breaking his own record of most WWE Tag Title Reigns) and it is "The Miz’s" first WWE Tag Team Championship and his first title since joining the WWE. It’s unknown whether "The Miz" & John Morrison, who are ECW wrestlers, will defend the WWE Tag Titles on SmackDown! or if the titles will go to ECW. With the "working relationship" between ECW and SmackDown!, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Also, as a reminder, "The Miz" and John Morrison will both be in a Triple Threat Match for the ECW Title against champion, CM Punk this Sunday at Survivor Series.