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ECW November 20, 2007 Results

Match Results

  • Non-Title: CM Punk (ECW) def. Kenny Dykstra (SmackDown!) by pin following the GTS.
  • Shelton Benjamin* def. Tommy Dreamer by pin following a modified DDT.
  • Jesse & Festus (SmackDown!) def. Deuce N’ Domino (SmackDown!) by Jesse pinning Deuce following the flying shoulder block.
  • Kevin Thorn** def. Nunzio by pin following Original Sin.
  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Kane (SmackDown!) def. Big Daddy V (ECW) & Matt Striker (ECW) by pinning Matt Striker following the chokeslam.

Match Quality

  1. CM Punk Vs. Kenny Dykstra
  2. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Tommy Dreamer
  3. Kevin Thorn Vs. Nunzio
  4. Kane Vs. Big Daddy V & Matt Striker
  5. Jesse & Festus Vs. Deuce N’ Domino


* Elijah Burke came out before the match and said that he has convinced a very good friend of his to join the ECW roster and revealed that Shelton Benjamin (formerly on RAW) was the newest member of the ECW Roster (which leaves Charlie Haas all alone on RAW).

**Kevin Thorn returned after a lengthy absence with a new look that consisted of a wrestling singlet and a new, spiked haircut.

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