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TNA: Kurt Angle Does Some Sucking Up

Steve Shea passed on a link to an interview with TNA World Champion Kurt Angle on Here are some highlights: On leaving WWE for TNA: "Vince McMahon told me, "Kurt, we need you full time." I told him, "Vince, if I can’t go part time I’m going to have to quit." And that’s where our differences really began. So I did what I had to do for my family and health, I moved on and went to TNA Wrestling. With TNA I saw a young, rapidly growing company that had an easier schedule that could possibly use a leader like me to help ignite their ratings." On comparing WWE talent to TNA talent: "At TNA we are looking for the best wrestlers in the business with top athletic skills where WWE has, in the past, looked for the six-foot four, 300-pound massive muscle monsters. I am more comfortable at TNA because of my wrestling abilities and this is what made me popular in WWE; it was certainly not my physique." On the WWE schedule vs. TNA schedule: "No, TNA is much better as it fits my schedule because I’m only on the road 100 to 150 days a year whereas at WWE I was on the road for almost 300. Wrestling in TNA allows my body to rest and recuperate, which also allows me more time to train properly to prepare for my matches. An example of the difference at TNA is we have 50 house-shows, 12 pay-per-view and about 38 TV matches per year (100 TNA matches) compared to 280 matches a year at WWE. So my body isn’t getting so beat down and I feel 100% better. And for my neck, thank God! TNA’s schedule is so much better for my body."