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WWE Spoiler: Plans for Ric Flair’s Return

 Ric Flair is said to be happy about his current return storyline. Steve Austin suggested a storyline to WWE and Ric where they would do an angle where Flair would do a high profile match where he would win or retire from WWE. Flair would then go on to defeat numerous guys leading to WrestleMania. There was concern with that though as they didn’t want to squash the younger talent with the 58 year old Flair winning time and time again. Flair could even be in for one more title run with a match at ‘Mania if this angle goes well. They are really just going to depend on how the crowd reacts to the angle. We’ll see how they do it as he returns this week on RAW. Expect a huge pop for Flair in Charlotte and a return promo.