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Another Update on The Hogan Family

The Sarasota Herald Tribune is reporting that Hulk Hogan filed divorce papers Wednesday claiming that his estranged wife Linda can support herself and doesn’t need alimony from him. Hulk also stated that she doesn’t need child support even though Nick is only 17; he is no longer a student. He said that Nick can choose to live where he wants to and shouldn’t be forced to live with Linda.

The mother of John Graziano (Nick’s friend who was permanently incapacitated in an accident with Nick this summer) said in a deposition field Wednesday that Nick Bollea told her he crashed the 1998 Toyota Supra after hitting a puddle in the road that he could not avoid. "He said they were driving, and he saw a puddle, and he tried to avoid it, but there was a car next to him that he couldn’t get around," Deborah Graziano told prosecutors. "So, they hit the puddle and hydroplaned."

She also said that Hulk Hogan was very upset about the accident and that they boys took the car because he "took too long in the shower" and they got tired of waiting on him. This doesn’t match up with an earlier report we had this week that made claims that Hogan was with the boys and bought cases of beer for them before the accident. Photos were also recently released that show Hulk & Nick drinking on supposivly the day of the accident.

Note: If you look at all this turmoil within the Hogan Household, Hulk’s daughter, Brooke is the only "innocent" one of the family right now, even though being related and therefore associated with all of it, it may adversely affect her singing career that she has put on hold.